Multi-purpose Collapsible Kitchen Handing Silicone Trash Bin 9L

Color: White
Sale priceR 249.00


- This fold-able waste bin can be used in several settings such as kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study or even in your car.

  • It can be used either suspended on a cabinet door, drawer, at the back of the front car seat or standing on its own. Its size makes it easy to move it into workspace where required.

  • The most obvious use is when hung on any cabinet door or drawer where needed such as in the kitchen by the cabinet door as you prepare your family meals.

  • The "U" shaped slot makes it easy to hang/suspend/mount on a cabinet door and can slide to the desired position near to where required.

  • You can even make it stand on its own without any support in areas where applicable like next to the toilet seat.

  • It can fold into 3 different positions thanks to the midsection elastic rubber.

  • Tired of bending down all the time to throw the dirt into the under-counter bin, tired of cleaning up after back sitters in your car, this waste bin is definitely a necessity in keeping your home or car clean.

What's in the box
1 x Collapsible Trash Bin

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