Multi-functional Double Stack Adjustable Width Spice Shelf Organizer Rack

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We often find that our cupboard shelves are too large to stack items on top of one another, or that all our spices, medicines, cosmetics etc. are making our cupboards look messy and untidy. Make cluttered, disorganised and messy cupboards a thing of the past with the Spicy Shelf. Spicy Shelf is a multi-functional space organizer. Can easily be stacked on top of each other, or side by side.

Multi-functional to hold spices, medicines, supplements, cosmetics, or crafts.
Holds up to 64 spices.
Easily adjustable for multiple configurations.
The adjustable height as well as width.
Holds up to 20 kg worth of supplies.
It has a non-slip surface to ensure bottles do not slide about.
You can choose to use the freestanding legs or your existing shelf pins to put the Spicy Shelf in place.

With this storage dream, you can turn a messy and disorganized space, into a neat and perfectly arranged one, to suit your needs!

What's in the box
1x Double Stack Spicy Shelf

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